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Everyone wants a toy to play with well here is one we prepared earlier a 1970 HG Holden ute 308 and a 4 speed.

The body was in reasonable condition but the driveline was not much chop so we stripped out the mechanical and interior redid the engine bay fixed the rust and gave it a sweet colour change to Mazda pearl red. Sure you agree it looks much better than light blue.

The interior was redone with new trim and paint, we replaced the manual gearbox with a turbo 350 with a 2500 high stall and replaced the tired old  308 with a 350 Chevy motor.  In the back, some leftover wood flooring looks the treat.

HG Holden 4  HG Holden 5

HG Holden 3 HG Holden 2 HG Holden 1